About Us

About UsAt GeckoSoft we believe in service. Service comes first; the act of serving people is our highest priority. We serve our clients by delivering on results based on the client’s needs and values.  We will continue to focus on our own value systems and increase our value systems based on the highest values of our target market to increase productivity, excellent workmanship and communication whiles we still stay competitive in the market.  Our aim is to always deliver above average in everything we do. If we are able to consistently deliver above average services we believe our results will be above average.

We take pride, ownership and responsibility for the work we do at all times. Even when we are at fault or make a mistake we are man enough to take full responsibly at all times.

We focus on these 4 principals:

  1. Time – We all have limited time so we should respect each other’s time and do our best with the time RENTED to us. We will also respect the time of the client and all others around us.
  2. Order of consequences – We are conscious of the fact that there is more than just one consequence after any particular action. We will always keep in mind the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th order of consequences in any situation and before we take action.
  3. Actions = Habits –  We are aware and conscious of the fact that both bad and good actions results in habits over time. Knowing this we strive towards making good decisions even in tough times so the good decisions will become good habits and we aim to build habits in line with our highest value systems.
  4. The way I do anything is the way I do everything – This is one of the most important phrases one can learn. This goes back to the level of effort and the standard by which we do things. Our aim to constantly improve on our standards and value systems so that the work we produce will be of the highest standards.

You can view our Technician Declaration here for more info on our value systems. This is the standards at which we keep your technicians accountable on.

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