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rain 5G installersWhat is 5G

5G is basically the newer version (5ht Generation) of the technology currently used on cellular networks. Currently we use 3G and 4G (LTE) among others. 5G wil without a doubt open new doors of opportunity in all dimensions of communication and business.

We can not yet fathom what 5G technology will bring and the creativity it will unleash among entrepreneurs.


5G offers speeds up to 400Mbps and the simplest way to get your home connected.

Rain 5G SpeedtestIs 5G in my area?

5G is being rolled out to major cities in South Africa throughout 2020. Currently certain areas in Johannesburg and Tshwane has 5G coverage and they are working on deploying in Cape Town, Durban and all other major metros. For coverage please view the official Rain website below:

Rain 5G Coverage Check

Rain 5G Installation Services:

  • Home Rain 5G Installers
  • Office Rain 5G Installers
  • External installation of Rain 5G
  • Additional Network points in home or office
  • Additional wireless access points to increase internal wireless coverage

Rain 5G home Installers

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